A guide for internationals that explains the fact that Romanians aren’t vampires

Dear International,

I am writing this letter to address the possible problem of vampires in Romania. I am willing to prove that the myth is fake.

We’ve all heard the legend about vampires, Dracula and his castle in Romania. Well, the root of this myth is way more gruesome than the actual myth, and it involves far more blood. The story of Dracula is actually the work of an Irish author, Bram Stoker, but it does have some historical inspiration that is said to come from Romania.

You see, we have had quite a few rulers and leaders that enjoyed a good killing spree just like Vlad the Impaler or “Count Dracula, and the countess Anna Bathory (she is Hungarian, but married and lived for some time in Romania).

You might ask yourself, but what did they do? Well, Vlad the Impaler used to punish people by, you guessed it, impaling them in the courtyard of the castle. Also, his dad’s name was Dracul. Anna Bathory, on the other hand, didn’t simply kill. Oh no, it is said that she used to take baths in the blood of virgins to maintain her youth. Can you see how all of those combined might give you the idea of the mainstream vampire? A person who punishes by killing, along with the name “Dracul”, plus blood baths…Seems right to me.

Now that you know where all that came from, let me explain further why we surely aren’t vampires:

  1. The legend claims that vampires hate garlic. However, a lot of traditional Romanian meals and goodies contain garlic. We simply love it!
  2. Romanians love to party when they are young and rest when old, who would have time to go on a ‘red-juice’ hunt?
  3. We don’t have fangs… You’ll just have to trust me on this one because I don’t think anyone will actually let you check them for fangs.
  4. We do enjoy blood, but cooked, and I am pretty sure that the blood is non-human. We have a few special receipts that contain blood and fat, generally served during winter times.
  5. We have a great beach, and most of us love to go out for a grill, swim, or run, and the perfect weather for that is definitely the hot, sunny summer weather. Vampires theoretically hate sun, don’t they?

I truly hope that this has been enough to convince you that you will be safe here. If you still have your doubts, just come and visit! We won’t bite.


A fellow vampire Romanian.


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Article written by Amira Miculescu

Edited by Larisa Rus

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